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Gabriela und Friedrich Strobl

Many talk about spirituality, consciousness development, vibration enhancement, heart energy, transformation, new energy, unconditional love, and the rise of the earth. Do you sometimes ask yourself how do I do that? How do I get there? Where is my place in all this?

The answer is simple. Increasing one’s own vibration is the key to change and development. Spirituality means to realize that we are always on this path and consciousness development is the task of every human being on earth!

Through our connection to the dimensions of the angels, since the year 2000, we have received many explanations, instructions, help, and a special gift that instantly increases your vibration and brings your connection to your Higher Self, the angel within you, more quickly into your day consciousness – The activation of your angelic vibration.

Our purpose is to remind people of who they truly are and to assist them by activating their angelic vibration, to open themselves to the guidance of their Higher Self, to broaden their consciousness and to live from their heart energy in everyday life.

Seminare in Griechenland

On our blog you will find inspirations from Friedrich, who always remind you a bit where you should focus your attention in everyday life.

Our meditation and channel evenings give you the opportunity to take a closer lookand empathize with the high energies.

The seminars and seminar weeks in Greece are focused on awareness development and to stay in the group longer in the divine light field. This causes intense transformation and healing at all levels.

Of course, there are also individual sessions for our energetic treatments and channelings by appointment.

We wish you much joy on our side!
Sincerely, Gabriela and Friedrich

Develop in the consciousness of the new energy!

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