The New Energy is the new consciousness of Earth!

The New Energy has the highest oscillation frequency and extension that it has never been on the earth.

The New Energy promotes the acceptance of our own divinity by being expanded and is geared that we recognize these again and live from our divine wisdom out.

In the New Energy there are no restrictions! You can only act in freedom. Restrictions and laws are old energy and are subject to inspection. The New Energy is freedom and it can only give and be effective through love, by love and for love.

The New Energy brings perfect peace with yourself with it by you realize that you are the creator of your life.

In the New Energy there is no time! You are in every moment in the here and now and creating your life, without losing you in the past or future.

The new energy is free, open and without provision. There are no prescriptions, because it is freedom! For this incarnation and also your previous, you have anything planned by yourself for your life. All experiences, learning topics you brought to find out who you really are. In the New Energy you recognize now, who you really are and give the guide of your life, your Higher Self, the divine spark in you. Therefore, you also do not need any stipulation, no plan, because you are the divine creator in every moment in the here and now.

The New Energy requires that we change our old, habitual thoughts and beliefs that were taught us far from our family, society and church.

The New Energy does not make judgments. We are exempt from any liability. There is no separation, neither good nor evil, right or wrong.

The New Energy is characterized in that it contains a complete new vibration that is not limited by polarity or duality, as the old energy.

The New Energy is governed by any religion or philosophy, teaching or guru. The only teacher and student are you. No one knows you better than you know yourself, and no teacher can tell you will happen as and to what extent your development. Each of us is unique. We are all light and spirit, but each of us has his individuality.

The New Energy does not contain any answers! In the Old Energy the human wants answers, the human consciousness wants answers. In the New Energy there is no certain answers, because the new energy many ways individualized for each contains. Each of us must decide and act according to his own free will.

The New Energy brings the perfect change of our own! It includes the new, transformative vibration that brings everything to the surface that makes us unfree as our fears, beliefs and injury patterns and imprints.

The most important thing in the New Energy that you learn to love yourself and to trust yourself. Your essence is Love, divine spirit and connected to the Source of All That Is. If you even so love yourself, as part of the all-embracing love of All That Is, you therefore love the whole creation.

The New Energy is not to describe or really definable. She looks unpredictable, magical, wonderful and easy. Their efficacy is currently not comprehend with our minds and our logic.