Gabriela Strobl

My job is to serve the Archangels and the spiritual world as a medium for the transmission of their light vibrations and messages that enrich our lives and our capacity for knowledge and over again and it gives me great pleasure the all-embracing love of the divine consciousness,  to be able to transmit to the human at seminars, meditations and individual sessions in a channeling.

Archangel Gabriel – Angel on Earth

Thank you very much, my beloved incarnated angels on earth!

I greet you from the realm of angels, from your home, where you are also with your consciousness. I greet you and thank you that I can be here with you. In your midst, as your brother, as your sister. Because, as you know, we angels are androgyn just like you. You have both in you. You are now on the way to understanding and unifying more and more. I take the word understand because I know you still think with your mind. There must be an idea in your mind.

But the mind is only responsible for those things you really need your logic. To recognize that male and female is one you need a bit of logic. For this reason I have taken the word “understand”. For me, as well as my other angels, it is a very great concern that we will point out to you more and more that you can no longer work with your mind as you have done so far. Now comes for you the time when your mind can no longer grasp what it is in the New Age, in the New Energy.

You are here to live out of your heart and no longer with your mind. The mind hath worn out, if I may call it so. We, your siblings in the angelic dimension, do not work with the understanding but we work with our light with you, to you and support you. Only with our light.

Exactly the same light is in you! You also have this light! You are incarnated from the level of the Archangels here on the earth. You are equal to us. We will keep these conversations with you more and more so that you can use your Angelic Consciousness more and more. Your angelic vibration helps you to live your consciousness, an angel, here on earth. About your hearts.

While I am speaking to you, I am also working on your vibration. On your vibration, on your angelic vibration. To increase this is a very big concern to me.

What does it really mean when I tell you to lift your angelic vibrations?

You’ve heard a lot about what it means to increase my vibration. Your vibration is that of an angel. To feel your angelic vibration more and more, to live more and more out of your vibration is what it is about you have to now. As you were told from me through Gabriela, you were at this point where you know who you are. You know it already. Now it is about really living that way!

Your angelic vibration is the one that helps you to dive into the angelic consciousness of your Higher Self. You have heard that your Higher Self, your Angelic Consciousness, is in the 5th Dimension and fertilized you from this dimension here on earth, where you voluntarily incarnated. By activating your angelic vibration, you are much more able to integrate and live this awareness, your Angelic Consciousness, which includes your Higher Self. Step by step! Always more and more.

If you are really concerned about knowing who you are and looking at your impressions and patterns, all that is stored in your lower selves, and you have the willingness to heal, by your angelic vibrations, you will become more and more vibrate higher, your angelic vibration will increase more and more. This will illuminate your light body more and more and you will become exactly what you always hear and that you cannot imagine, it really being yourself – an angel on earth.

To anchor this light vibration here on earth, this light that you are living here on earth, trying to attract other people to feel their own angel, to expose themselves with their own angelic vibration, to be what you really are – to achieve that. This is now going on in the new era, in the New Energy.

The New Energy contains everything for the people who choose to change their lives. To accompany this process of change with your own angelic vibration, to give the guidance to the Higher Self and to know: I am what I AM, I AM the light, I AM the love, I AM an angel who has come here to help the people and through me also to remind them who they really are!

And again, I remind you that everyone can do that only for themselves. Change happens through every one of you. Through everyone who feels called to it. I want to wake up, I want to contribute something to change the world. I want to anchor my angellight here on this earth!

This development to yourself, to your awareness of the angel, by your activated angel vibration, this is what you now feel in you, what you have to do now. To live your angel. And believe me once and for all that you are that! You are angels on earth!

I came here to you today, for the reason because I got in touch with Gabriela for this incarnation when I awoke her at that time. I woke her up, as each of you was awakened. Through various other situations. But I am talking about the situation with her now, and for this reason I have come here again this evening to bring you what is going on.

Waking up is what people need! Waking up is by which they want to change. Without waking up, without being awakened, change is also not possible.

What does it take to get awaken to wake up? It needs someone who makes this wake-up call. You here, as you are all now in this room, have been awakened. You have been awakened from your Higher Selves so that you may spread this light. To spread your light. To distribute your angellight that you are. You have chosen it. It is so, even if you cannot believe it or not yet. This wake-up call, which you felt, this wake-up call that has been in you has led you to where you are today. It was no coincidence, because, as you know, there are no coincidences. But only guides.

I explain this to you for this reason, because Gabriela was also at this stage of the non-consciousness, when I began to speak with her. She was awakened by me because we have looked at it so well for this incarnation. And each one of you has made his wake-up call for his incarnation here on earth. Everyone of you. And now it’s your turn to wake people up.

You can do it easily by doing deals with yourselves and to develop yourselves into your angelic consciousness more and more. This is the new and at the same time the old. I tell you today from the new but what is already old. Because it is something that you have times in you. Every incarnation that you followed you were directed to find your angel on earth again.

All your incarnations you made were then aligned for this. The energies that flowed during these times were to help you to forget, that you start to develop you again and to recapture you about who you really are.

Everything is so wanted. Everything is alright as it is. And now, in this time, my beloved siblings on earth, is given the New Energy to you by us and the other spiritual beings that surround you, so that you can achieve that again in ease. In ease to remember yourselves, remember your angel inside you. To recognize and live it again. Light your light. You are there and you are ready. You are ready.

What you feel in you, my beloved ones are only your resistances. Resistances, but they have no effect in the same extent as you already have behind you. Because your vibration has been raised again. You’ve been working on you again. You have recognized your blockages. You all know. And through this recognition and acceptance you have freed yourself again and you come closer and closer to your angel. He is in you.

It is about living that consciousness that is in you. And you succeed it through your angelic vibration. If you use this angelic vibration to heal your blockages, is this an angelic vibration treatment through you and yourselves. It is you, these incarnated angels, who help themselves.

You are the angels who have come here to help themselves and to the whole and to serve, because there is a task connected with it. You have not quite accepted this task yet. For fear, from ancient impressions, from your fears, it could go wrong again. For fear, no one could taste it. All these thoughts which are circling in your heads, and you know what thoughts I am talking about, it is now for you to heal in the here and now. To be aware of it that is not me! I AM Light, I AM Love!

So, the other, this fear, those resistances that you encounter what can that be? These are just your experiences. Your experiences which you also wanted to know for yourself.

And this brings me to the area where you are the creator of your life. You are the Creator! And you have drawn for this incarnation, your angelic existence, to live your angelic consciousness again. I can assure you that. You are the pioneers to the extent that each of you allows. Your free will, your free will always stands in the foreground. I just remind you of who you really are.

With these words, which I have spoken to you, I now conclude and I will now work with you. On your energy bodies, on your light body, and especially on your mental-body. Your thoughts draw your reality. Because your thoughts make what you are here and now. It is your thoughts that will not let you believe who you really are. And that still, my beloved brothers and sisters.

You are brothers and sisters in the light! We tell you this over and over again and we remind you of it by hearing our words. Again and again, more and more. And we remind you of your I AM! I AM what I am – An angel on earth!

I thank you. Welcome in words of me! And now just connect with my light vibrations and I will send each of you this energy that light that everybody needs now, to assist him in healing.

I love you and greet you!

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL – Thoughts and feelings create your life

Greetings to you beloved angels on earth!
I am Archangel Gabriel and I intend to work with you to do something energetic at the beginning. Let the energy, my light vibrations flow in you. The energy of your crown chakra flows into you. Pure white light.

I am in your minds to make you aware of your thoughts that follow you all day. I am deliberately pursuing the word for that is what your thoughts do. Your thoughts of negativity. These thoughts of negativity are buzzing in your minds. If I now take a mathematical lineup that Gabriela loves very much, mathematically when I speak, the thoughts circling in your minds are 90% in negativity. 10%, maybe, my beloved angels, maybe 10% you remember the beauty, the good, all that is before you!

Now feel my words with your hearts! Follow my words! Feel what flows in you. Feel your way into where your thoughts are. After all, as you know, your thoughts generate your feelings and if you feel now, only today, how much negativity – how many feelings of joy? Try it simple and above all try it and do it without evaluating it. Go out from these thoughts of judgment, these thoughts are also as I speak now with you in your heads. Even now, as I speak, your thoughts are moving in negativity. Where is the beauty? Where is the place where you can see what you have already achieved? Where is the joy of being here, here on this beautiful earth? That you can look at all that you experience in joy? Where are these thoughts?

These thoughts have been adopted. They are only very sporadic. We angels, your brothers and sisters, constantly remind you to connect you to our energies, because we help you, we support you to return to the joy.

The reason is quite simple. When you connect with yourself, with your Higher Self, with your own Angelic Consciousness, you are in your own angelic vibration, and this vibration, that light that is in you, heals you, every second, when you think of it. The thought alone is enough and you are gone from negativity.

But …….. this big But I always hear from you, but, but, but! When you are in your thoughts on the road with “but” it is at the same time the negation to recognize the good that is in front of you that you live in every moment. Your transformation of thoughts is easy and easy when you are thinking back to yourselves, to your angel inside you, to your own vibration that is in you, to your own light. Every moment you are trapped in negativity, remember you who you really are. The thought is enough. You just do not try it, you forget it. For you are simply accustomed to live in negativity and to feel negativity by practicing negativity.

All your thoughts are constantly moving in this direction. In other words, this direction is called “evaluation”. You judge, you judge, you are negative. The positive is very rare. And it would be that you could gloriously go through all the day, if you would remember who you really are.

Who are you? I have welcomed you by calling you “angels on earth”. Because you are. To remember you always who you are. Make it only in thoughts! That helps you the same way. Just as you identify with your thoughts of negativity you can also begin to identify with the other idea. One thing is not stronger than the other it is about how you use it to you.

My task is as I am responsible for this aspect within you with my light vibrations to help you to heal your thoughts, to help, to transform, to reformulate. That’s why I came here today to work with you on your vibration and help you to get back into yourselves, to the angel who inhabit you, this light that you are, this love that you are.

We, your brothers and sisters in the angel dimension support you and again: a thought is enough. Just as you do it in the negative, you also succeed in the positive. The only difference is that you feel quite different. You are fulfilled in you with serenity, you know it is alright as it is, I am like I am, in the here and now I am that I am.

My beloved ones, you are light and love. You can transform everything within you. Self-observation and self-acceptance are the ones that lead you out of this negativity. This is the way of development, that is the way of transformation. To remember who you are, this light that you are, to feel more and more. In this change of thought which you do not pass by if you really want to get into this balanced feeling and if you want to live out of your heart energy. At the beginning you can guess. It is becoming more and more by the preaching and when you follow my advice to the certainty. You must believe me. It becomes certainty.

Beloved angels, it is this time, the thoughts that represent the outside, what thoughts can manifest everything. Thoughts dominate the world, thoughts change the world. Everything depends on it. New thinking, the new thinking creates a new action.

And you my dear ones are called to remind you. You are the ones who want to remember it! Everyone of you wants to remember it! Nobody from you is here that he don’t wants to remember! And you remember when you meditate, when you go inside you! In this time you remember. Just for this memory you take too little time.

To become aware of you more and more, to deal with yourself in silence, to feel yourself, this time frame you have very limited. It is now time for you to do this every day. Just remember your thoughts about who you are as often as you can and you will notice that it helps you a lot.

This is my request to you today. To remind you again that your thoughts and feelings create your life. Everyone is an angel! Everyone of you! Yourselves and everyone else you meet.

I would even suggest you, and here it is again about you dare. You dare to say to yourself – and I am not yet talking about that you are loudly posing just only in your own self- and indeed speak your name. I will try it out loud with Gabriela. PO TA MI Gabriela. You are! This is your name. The glory, the glory Gabriela lives here on this planet. The glory of Frederik, the glory, all the names that now roam around me who are listening to me today are PO TA MI! Do you dare to say that to yourself? To call yourself what you are? To identify you with it?

I just give you this as a small offense that it is easier for you because you get from us, your angels, all the help you would have in order to recognize and then experience more and more. For knowledge also you have experience and this experience helps you to find more and more into your light. Speak spiritually before you. Set before your name the mantra for your glory and feel. Feels, I know ……. thoughts come in between but feels simple.

I would like to put this today to your heart and remind you. I am Archangel Gabriel. I am here for you. I’ll let you know if you allow me. I remind you if you revel in negative thoughts. The only thing I need of you is your order that I may remind you and that if I remember you you also recognize that I remember you! Because that is always with you guys so that you say “yes”. Then you are in the phase of remembrance and then comes something you have voluntarily taken with you. This so-called free will, which lets you know or not and lets you experience or not. This is what we have to share with you. For you have chosen to celebrate your free will here on the earth. Everyone for himself, as he likes.

We are always at your side. Always. We are only a thought away from you and therefore I gave you the memory, a thought of us is enough. Your own angel vibration helps you to remember these thoughts when you are really open and ready.

This time is shaped by the thoughts and for this reason I have chosen this theme for today. To remind you that your thoughts and feelings shape your life. I wish each of you to find that life which is really for him the life that he has chosen. This paradise on earth.

What is meant by this? That each of you is unique and has its own individuality and expresses it for itself in the diversity of all humanity. Each of you is unique! Remember this. Remember your essence, which is pure love!

With these words I would like to end my message today. I am in love with you. Just one thought removed. Greetings and thanks for listening to my words,
Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Uriel – power and strength

Greetings my beloved ones! I, archangel Uriel am with you today again. I would like to be your guest today. Much of my energies will flow through you in areas where you need them most. For every one of you, you all have your own issues of learning, which I may merge today with my energies.

The energies of my red-gold light will extend in you. I will ingrain you through your feet with mother earth. These roots go down deep into the earth, light is flowing up and down through your legs and you will feel the power from these energies now. Strength and courage is what you need to live in these times. To develop a broader consciousness in these times which you will need to raise to the next dimension. Expect many things in the near future, things will happen that you might not quite understand. But through more awareness and  working on yourself, working with the energies of the angels who support you, you will understand what you need to do. What is important is to be rooted, grounded and strong, so that you can work your way up. I am here to give you the power of grace.

The divine light of red, which enwraps you now, giving you power, courage and strength for all of your undertakings, challenges, don’t stand still, go on, learn, take on what you have. Give it away. Don’t keep it to yourselves, pass it on. That is also important my loved ones. Pass it on through you, through your being. Through your life, your awareness, your light. It is you that needs to go further. Be strong and take on the challenges that you get. Don’t give up but seize the opportunity, look at it. Together with mother earth that carries you, that you are connected to. In which you are rooted. Work yourself up to your higher self, to your higher worth. That will happen if you start to look at your fears and doubts, which cloud your happiness, harmony and peace.

Safety, trust, those are the laws that will take you further, not fear my beloved children. For that reason I will fill you up with my energies. I am archangel Uriel, who wants to help you with all of your transformations if you let me.
Get ready to stand up and go further, in awareness that is right for you, because you were born, because you are safe, because you are never alone! A troop of angels is always with you, helping light entities  who want to serve you, who want to push you, develop you, help you find yourself. Don’t just promise yourself, but act and do it! Stop waiting! Act in trust, be secure and safe. Through us who encompass you.

Now I will say goodby again and I want to thank you for being with you. Thanks and be greeted, come back slowly into the here and now in this room.
  *original wording of the channeling