Seminar and holiday at the Peloponnese in Greece

A special highlight, if you want more than just relaxation in your holiday, are our seminars on the Peloponnese, which we warmly recommend.

Our seminar location Tolo and Drepano near Nafplion is located in the energy field of the ancient sanatorium of Epidaurus. It is an ideal place to meet your true self, the angel in you, and your accompanying angels and beings of light.

In Epidaurus holistic therapeutic healing methods were applied, which corresponded to those of the Lemurians, such as cleanings in the well house, therapeutic sleep bath and relaxation cures, different energetic treatments or combination of everything. The energetic healing vibration of Epidaurus has a very positive and special effect on the people participating in our seminars.

Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, along with like-minded people, you have time and space to connect with your higher self, your heart energy, the angels and beings of light in mediations and channelings, and build a close relationship.

The beauty of the Greek landscape in the Peloponnese, the special energetic vibration of the surroundings of Epidaurus, the sun and the sea, the shared hours of joy, laughter, lightness and the feeling of your own angelic vibration will help you reach far beyond your heart to open.

The hotel by the sea invites you to swim, sunbathe and relax. The taverns in the area provide with their good food for your physical well-being and lively evenings.

Our love and respect for your individuality and our sense of happiness create the framework for growth and healing.

It is very important to us to make your holidays an enrichment of your life and your development.

Sincerely, Gabriela and Friedrich!