PO TA MI® treatments are angel vibration treatments and support holistic healing, awareness and transformation.

Effect on the body:

Are you looking for someone to heal you?
I cannot do that. But I can help you to get well!

The first step is to find the energetic cause of your discomfort.
Because one thing is certain: our system is not designed for illness, but for health, self-regeneration, vitality and balance.

If this program fails it has a reason.
Then it’s time to ask – What does my body want to tell me? In which area do I live against myself? What needs to change in my life?

The soul and the body do not just generate diseases or symptoms.
It is therefore not about “eliminating” the symptoms, but rather about understanding the message.
When you understand the message, integrate it, and are ready to change what is needed in your life, the disease or symptom has done its job and you are ready for healing.

PO TA MI® treatments help you to understand the causes of your ailments, to understand them and to change your life.

Effect on the mind:

Your thoughts determine your reality.
Your brain can not distinguish between reality and imagination. Both are real for the brain.
The reason for many problems in life is therefore not the reality, but your idea of how something or yourself has to be.

PO TA MI® treatments help you to recognize and transform disabling beliefs, beliefs and imprints, to take a higher perspective and to integrate new perspectives.

Effect on the soul:

Your total existence extends not only to this life, but also to many lives before it.
Just as you bring in your already developed talents and abilities in every new life, you also take along the incompleteness of previous incarnations for healing.
This can z. These include karmic entanglements, unredeemed traumas, fears, vows, oaths, contracts, as well as curses, self-restraints and much more.
These energies then work in this life. You take it with you so that you recognize and redeem it.

PO TA MI® treatments help you to become aware of and transform these energies.

Sequence of a PO TA MI® treatment:

PO TA MI® treatments are performed by Friedrich and, on request, also by Friedrich and Gabriela.

There are currently no trained and licensed PO TA MI® therapists. If someone offers PO TA MI® treatments as part of their own therapist’s activity, they will do so on their own responsibility.