Single Channeling with an archangel

At a single channeling you have the chance to connect to your personal archangel and ask him questions. At the same time you will be connected with the light of the angel. Lots of energy will flow through you and blockades will be released. You receive a CD from your channeling so that you can listen to the message of your angel again and reconnect. A PO TA MI archangel channeling is a very personal and moving experience. For this encounter you and Gabriela need to find a comfortable and safe zone. To feel the light energy of the archangel, to listen to his words and speak to him is something very special.   

Procedure of an archangel channeling:

There are several options of a channeling. Gabriela is a “half-conscious” channel, meaning she’s aware of the information given through her, but has little memory of the messages afterwards. Friedrich will also attend the channeling to support you and Gabriela if upcoming issues arise and might disturb the channeling.    Gabriela and you will talk to begin with to get to know each other a little. The aura will be cleansed with PO TA MI LightBody®-essences to be open for the light of the angels. The necessary aura clearing will be done through  the angels, after Gabriela has connected with them. It could also be that you might need another awareness step before you are ready to have contact with the archangel. In this case your angels will work on your energy body at the channeling. Upcoming blockades will be dissolved. Every channeling is unique! Look forward to meet your archangel, to ask him questions and to enfold in his love!


The archangels will answer questions regarding your personal situation. They will tell you about your lessons to be learned behind your life issues and show you where to put your awareness. Questions of third parties will seldom be answered.   Please ask short, concise and particular. The more precise and simple the better. Avoid “yes” or “no” questions. The archangels will not decide for us. They will help us through conversation to find the “right” answer for ourselves.

IMPORTANT: An archangel channeling is no prophecy or fortune telling. It is information from the plane of the archangel, which you may take on as personal responsibility.