Loving yourself and trusting in your heart guidance is the biggest challenge in your development.
For this it is essential to heal the injuries of your inner child.

This healing process, in which many layers of blockages are processed, is not a one-time thing, but you are constantly confronted with it on your way to your true self, your divine core, the angel within you. This process is about recognizing everything in you, accepting it without value, and letting it flow.

This healing meditation week gives you the opportunity to take full care of your inner child away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a sheltered environment and to give room to your hidden emotions and emotions.

You become involved with us in the divine field of love that we sustain for the duration of the seminar and feel compassion for your inner child. You send him the light of healing through this consciousness.

Your higher self, the angels, archangels, angelic groups, high spiritual light beings and the sounds of crystal singing bowls help you in the meditations to meet your Inner Child in all-encompassing love.
Through the loving words and messages of the archangels in channelings, you gain further insights that enrich your consciousness.

Considering your free will, you heal and transform on all levels. Balance, inner balance and peace become tangible, and the consciousness of being the creator of your life on your own strength is consolidated.

Target group:
For those who want to promote their transformation process on the way to the Higher Self, the Angelic Consciousness.

Seminar fee:
The seminar fee is € 850, – per person.

For seminar participants with handicaps, we offer on-site personal assistance for their special needs.

Detailed seminar description for the respective dates: