5 day retreat

Loving yourself and learning to trust your heart’s guidance, the Higher Self, is the greatest challenge in your development. For this it is essential to heal the injuries of your inner child.

Each of us has an Inner Child and it is a fact that it affects us immensely in our relationships, choices and the way we live.

The healing process, in which many layers of blockages are processed, is not a one-off thing, but you are constantly confronted with it on your development path into the conscious guidance of your Higher Self, your divine core, the angel in you.
This liberation process is about recognizing everything that is in you, accepting it in a value-free manner and letting it flow.

This retreat offers you the opportunity to give your Inner Child complete attention and to give space to your hidden feelings and emotions, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in a protected environment.

You will be integrated through us into the field of all-encompassing love that we will maintain for the duration of the seminar, and you will feel compassion for your Inner Child. You send him the light of healing.

Your Higher Self, the angels, your spiritual helpers and the sounds of the crystal singing bowls help you in the meditations to meet your Inner Child in all-encompassing love.
Through the loving messages of the beings of light in channelings, you will receive further insights that will enrich your consciousness.

Taking your free will into account, you heal and transform on all levels. Equilibrium, inner balance and peace can be felt and the awareness of being the creator of your life through your own strength is strengthened.

Our seminar location Tolo near Nafplion is located in the energy field of the ancient sanctuary of Epidaurus.

The beauty of the Greek landscape on the Peloponnese, the sun and the sea, the hours together, which are characterized by joy, laughter and lightness, also help to open your heart wide.

The hotel right by the sea invites you to swim, sunbathe and relax. The taverns in the area provide good food for your physical well-being and boisterous evenings together.

It is very important to us that this retreat enriches your life and your development.

The seminar will be held in German.
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