Initiation and Transformation

Imagine there is a part of you that knows everything about you. Who knows your life plan, who can answer all your questions and on whom you can always trust and build.

There is this part! It is your Higher Self, or as we call it – the angel within you. It is your divine core, the part of you that is eternal. That was before you incarnated and that will be after this body ceases to be.

The conscious connection with the Higher Self is the task we all face in this time of change. Because only when we know, feel and experience who we really are can we shape our lives from the heart and find the fulfillment we long for.

The vibration of your Higher Self is your angelic vibration, the vibration of your divine core, and connects you through the dimensions to your divine essence, your highest being, your angelic consciousness. The vibration of your Higher Self is the highest vibration available to you on this earth.

Everything you have always been looking for is already within you!
Through the conscious connection with your Higher Self you gain access to it. It lifts the veil of three-dimensionality and connects you with the Unity Consciousness of Source.

This initiation immediately raises your vibration and resonates with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self becomes effective in your life, taking into account your free will.
Your development and transformation process intensifies and change comes into your life.

The connection with your Higher Self is an affair of the heart and requires your conscious decision.

Connecting with your Higher Self makes it easier for you to:

  • the assumption that you are a divine being
  • the realization that you are the autonomous creator of your life
  • to live in the here and now
  • to break away from old beliefs and imprints
  • the healing of the injuries of your inner child
  • Building trust in your Divine Guidance
  • the recognition of larger contexts in life
  • the application of the spiritual laws of love
  • Solutions and Transformation Paths in the New Energy
  • feeling your angelic vibration and letting it work in your life

The connection with your higher self causes:

  • Opening your (energetic) heart, the seat of your Higher Self, the unconditional love
  • Vibration increase through the individual adaptation of the energy bodies and chakras
  • Connection to the feminine energy, the new energy
  • Strengthening your self-healing powers
  • Gradual integration of your angelic consciousness
  • Acceleration of your light-body process
  • Connection and perception of the higher dimensions of your being intensify
  • energetic help over your Higher Self to heal your old patterns, imprints, and injuries
  • Archangel Gabriel explains in detail in his channeling “Angel on Earth” the effect of your angelic vibration.

Archangel Gabriel explains in detail in his channeling “Angel on Earth” the effect of your angelic vibration.