7 day retreat in Greece
(3 days seminar, 1 day break, 3 days seminar)

Imagine there is a part of you that knows everything about you. Who knows your life plan, who can answer all your questions and who you can always trust and rely on.

This part exists! It is the angel within you, your higher self, your divine core, the part of you that is eternal.

Conscious connection with the angel within you, the higher self, is the task we all face in this time of change.
Because only if you know, feel and experience who you really are and accept that you are the responsible creator of your life, can you shape your world from your heart and find the fulfillment you long for.

The vibration of the angel within you, your higher self, is the highest vibration available to you on this earth. It connects you across dimensions with your divine essence, your highest being, your angelic consciousness.

Archangel Gabriel tells us:
“….Your angelic vibration is the one that helps you enter the angelic consciousness of your higher self. You have heard that your higher self, your angelic consciousness, is in the 5th dimension and fertilizes you from this dimension here on Earth where you have voluntarily incarnated. By activating your angelic vibration, you are much more easily able to integrate and live this consciousness, your angelic consciousness, which includes your higher self. Step by step! Always more and more.….”
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With this retreat you are choosing a turbo path in your consciousness development.

The activation of your angel vibration, meditations, channelings, intensive conversations, practical practice and transformation work form the framework of this retreat and give you the basics for the integration and guidance of the angel within you, your higher self.

In several sections you will receive the activation of your angel vibration for the conscious connection to the angel within you, your higher self, you will learn what is important in the new energy, the female energy, how you can align your consciousness with it, what help you can get from the spiritual world available, how you can become a conscious, responsible creator of your life and more about the energy fields that surround your physical body.

You begin to understand the crucial role that your inner child, your fellow human beings and the prevailing life situations play in your transformation process and you learn to see everything from a different perspective.

The loving words in the messages of the channelings, the high light vibrations of the angel in you, your higher self and your surrounding spiritual guides in the meditations, give you help in accepting yourself as a conscious, responsible creator of your life.

We will introduce you to the application and effectiveness of your own and external energetic treatments, an important tool on the path to becoming aware, transforming and healing your old patterns, imprints and injuries.
In addition, we will familiarize you with the PO TA MI LightBody essences, which are the impulse carriers of the new consciousness energy.

You begin to anchor yourself in your heart, to feel your angel within you and to make your decisions from your heart in order to consciously create your life.

Our seminar locations Pirgiotika and Tolo near Nafplion are located in the energy field of the ancient healing site of Epidaurus.

The beauty of the Greek landscape in the Peloponnese, the sun and the sea, the hours spent together that are characterized by joy, laughter and lightness also help to open your heart wide.

The hotel right by the sea invites you to swim, sunbathe and relax. The taverns in the area ensure your physical well-being and relaxed evenings together with their good cuisine.

It is very important to us that this retreat enriches your life and your development.

next event:1. – 7. November 2024