As beings of light, in this New Age we are affected by high-frequency frequencies that support us in our transformation. We are also given many tools to help us strengthen our unique gifts and talents.

The spiral tones of the crystal singing bowls are a powerful and uniquely individual sound tool that we can use to balance ourselves in a multidimensional way.

The crystal vibrations of the bowls resonate with the crystalline structure of your physical body as well as your subtle body. The crystalline energy is pure white light that is able to be refracted into any color you need and cause for your transformation in that particular body:

  • Intensive cleansing and alignment of your energy bodies
  • Eliminate old accumulations of memory in your cell-consciousness that have become conscious through the processing of your blockage (s) and are still at the cellular level
  • Stimulation of your subtle DNA structure
  • intense feeling of your multidimensionality
  • strengthens the connection to the crystalline grid of the earth
  • Increase your vibration frequency

PO TA MI® Crystal Singing Bowling Treatment is performed by Gabriela.