Our motto “PO TA MI – Live the angel within you” stands for the request of the spiritual world to us humans to remember who we really are – Eternal beings who are incarnated here on earth to make experiences and themselves to develop.
Once emerged from the source, the divine field of love, we are part of this all-encompassing divine consciousness, we are all parts of the divine.

Gaining that awareness and living from that awareness that is pure love is the commission we have all taken on in this time of change and ascension.

PO TA MI – Live the angel within you means connecting with your Higher Self, the angel within you, raising your vibration, developing your consciousness and walking the path of your heart.

Our intention is to provide you with the best possible support in the associated development and transformation processes.

The word PO TA MI is a vibrational mantra from the angelic dimension that Gabriela received from Archangel Gabriel and says:


This means all people who are incarnated here on earth. It reminds you that you ARE Light and Love – a Divine Being, a Humanized Angel incarnate on Earth!

The angel within you is your essence.
Your divine core.
your Higher Self.
He is who you really are.
What has always been there and always will be.

The angel in you wants to be part of your life.
He wants to guide you in all your life situations.
He wants to make you feel the love he has for your human self.
He wants to remind you of your greatness.
Your strength and creativity.
He wants to let your light shine into the world.

Open yourself to your light!
Open yourself to the angel in you!
Live the angel in you!
That is enriching!
This relativizes and solves many worries and problems!