PO TA MI LightBody® essences
physical and energetic balance

Aura before

PO TA MI LightBody essence originated from archangel Michael in order to speed up the connection to the crystal grid, the cross linking of human awareness. They are a great support for our own light body and transformation process to our higher self. They assist our willingness for a life in the new era. 

PO TA MI LightBody essence take effect in all areas of consciousness of the new era and energies. Light and crystals transform blockades in the energy and light bodies. Our vibrancy gets stronger giving us more energetic balance. We are responsible to let more energy flow, to bring more light of love to mother earth so that it will be easier to rise up into the 5th dimension. Since we all have our own individual path in the light body process with many blockades in our energy body, the spiritual world provides us with resources that will speed up that transformation. 

This gift from the angels for the new era and mother earth holds 31 PO TA MI LightBody essence, which cover all three areas of our development of the light body process  RECOGNITION – IMPLEMENTATION – TRANSFORMATION.  

PO TA MI essence and PO TA MI archangel essence: the archangels are always with us on our way to more consciousness in the new era. They are also the initiators and bearer of PO TA MI. The essence will help us to recognize our divineness, heighten our vibrancy and dissolve our blockades in our four-body-system. 

Aura after

PO TA MI atlantic archangel essence: these essence will help us to transform our divine aspects. Through the activation of the atlantic light crystal vibrancy from the archangels, we get aware of collective patterns and imprints that might cloud our potential and creative power. They work intense over the ether body, where all our lives as well as the knowledge of the sinking Atlantis is stored, so that we can find back to our divine power within.

PO TA MI transformation essence: they assist with awareness, integration and transformation, with blockades in the energy and light body.

The PO TA MI LightBody essence are spray essence for the aura, chakra, meridian, acupuncture points, they energize pulse and rooms. Base is alcohol and spring water. They are sealed and energized with PO TA MI. That’s why they can be used by several people at the same time. 3 to 4 sprays into the aura is enough to clear the energy field. They can also be used as room sprays to energize and clear. There are no restrictions in using the essence.

The PO TA MI LightBody essence are free from fragrance which is angled to bring forth feelings and emotions.

Fragrance cover up perception and make it difficult to filter the essence and it’s effect.

If you wish you can add high quality essential oil to the essence. It won’t interfere with the PO TA MI LightBody essence.

There are several options how to choose PO TA MI LightBody essence:

By pulling a card from the PO TA MI LightBody card set
Through a pendulum or tensor
Through kinesiology testing
Choose by reading the specifications of the PO TA MI LightBody essence