Our seminars and workshops are geared towards change and the process of understanding and transformation for your development in the New Consciousness. In the foreground are vibration increase and unconditional love for life.

The focus of the seminars and workshops is energetic support through the high vibration of the Divine Light Field and the New Energy, with which we connect you through your Higher Self, the angel within you, for the duration of the seminars and workshops.

Through this connection and the channeled messages of the archangels, which enrich our ability to cognition and implement again and again, awareness and transformation takes place.
You will be empowered to create your life on your own responsibility, as a conscious Creator, in the here and now, and to live the awareness of the New Energy in your everyday life.

The holiday and intensive seminars on the Peloponnese in Greece, characterized by joy, laughter, lightness and the feeling of your own angelic vibration, allow you to be longer in the high vibration of the Divine Light-field, the New Energy and your own Angelic vibration, deeper into immerse and transform your themes.

Many report that this was experienced by them in the holiday seminars, that they have a lasting effect on their daily lives and that they were able to initiate changes in their lives with ease.

At your invitation, we also like to hold our seminars, workshops, meditations and channelings at your place or near you. (Minimum of 10 people)