PO TA MI LightBody®energized base oil olive
physical and energetic balance

The light body process is also linked to the physical body. That’s why it’s important to know that many blockades, that we have worked on in the energy body, might still be present as pain in the physical body. Archangel Michael recommends us to use only pure organic olive oil when working on the physical body. The olive oil tree has been known for about 7000 years and is regarded as the tree that holds god’s wisdom and divine vicinity. A treasured tree with the elementary power of the four elements. 

The PO TA MI LightBody base oil is energized with PO TA MI, sealed and hand packed. It is fragrance free, so that our feelings and emotions can come forth. Fragrance cover up perception and make it difficult to filter the essence and it’s effect. If you wish you can add high quality essential oil to it. It won’t interfere with the PO TA MI LightBody base oil. There are no restrictions in using the PO TA MI LighBody base oil. Follow your intuition and let your higher self guide you. We could find positive effects when using the PO TA MI LightBody base oil on the following examples: Massages, body hygiene, oil bath, fungal disease, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, headaches, stomach problems, alleviates itchiness, stops bleeding wounds, burns, rough skin, base oil for essential oils, compress for inflammation, good for low energy and being tired, great for animals. 

Effect of the PO TA MI LightBody base oil:

  • Dissolves hardenings and warms, good for rheumatic problems (internal and topical use)
  • Fast release of muscle tension
  • Activates and regenerates the intervertebral disc fluids
  • Antiseptic
  • Relieves pain
  • Fast wound healing
  • When used internal stimulates gall flow
  • Enhances body relaxation
  • Good for grounding
  • Discards stored blockades
  • Energetic purification when taking an oil bath
  • Put on hair over night, oil absorbs negative energy and blockades

  It has even more effect when adding a few sprays of a chosen PO TA MI LightBody essence to the oil.