Intensive seminar in Greece

Feeling your Higher Self and your light, strengthening the connection, perceiving your spiritual helpers, living from the heart, practicing self-love, gaining self-knowledge, activating the inner power to go your path of development, transformation.

In this seminar you will find the time and space to deal intensively with your Higher Self, the angel in you, and the consciousness of the New Energy.

You deepen the realization of who you really are and open your heart to experience the love and light within yourself on a daily basis. This strengthens the connection to your Higher Self enormously.

The deepening of the relationship with your Higher Self makes it much easier for you to implement the new awareness in everyday life and to be a conscious, self-responsible creator of your life.

During these days, the constant stay in the high vibrational energies of the divine light field, which we maintain for the group, increases the awareness of your higher self and the spiritual helpers who accompany you. You become aware of the patterns and imprints that prevent you from maintaining the connection to your Higher Self in the here and now. Taking your free will into account, you dive deep into your issues, transformation and healing happens on all levels.

The deep and open discussions in the group, the meditations and channelings create a protected space in which we can also address personal life issues and work out suggestions for solutions.

Our seminar location Tolo near Nafplion is located in the energy field of the ancient sanctuary of Epidaurus.

The beauty of the Greek landscape on the Peloponnese, the sun and the sea, the hours together, which are characterized by joy, laughter and lightness, also help to open your heart wide.

The hotel right by the sea invites you to swim, sunbathe and relax. The taverns in the area provide good food for your physical well-being and boisterous evenings together.

It is very important to us that this intensive seminar enriches your life and your development.

The seminar will be held in German.
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