Deepen the relationship with your Higher Self

These seminars give you the opportunity to move away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to engage with your higher self, the angel within you, and the New Consciousness. By doing so you enormously promote your transformation process on the way to the connection to your higher self and then you manage to realize the new consciousness more easily in everyday life, and to be in the flow of your life.

These days, by staying in the high-vibrational energies of the Divine Lightfield that we maintain for the group, we are experiencing increased awareness of your own angelic vibration and the spiritual world. You become aware of the patterns and imprints that prevent you, in the here and now, from maintaining the connection to your Higher Self. Considering your free will, you dive deep into your subjects, transformation and healing happens on all levels.

Through the group discussions and meditations, the light vibrations and messages of the archangels in channelings, the active seminar work with movement and our crystal singing bowls, as well as the depth and openness on these seminars, creates a protected space in which we address personal life issues and work out solutions.

The beauty of the Greek landscape in the Peloponnese, the special energetic vibration of the surroundings of Epidaurus, the sun and the sea also help to experience the profound transformation processes of these intensive seminars as light and liberating.

Target group:
For all those who have completed the seminar “Activation of your angelic vibration” and want to promote their transformation process on the way to the Higher Self, the Angelic Consciousness.

Seminar fee:
The seminar fee is 890, – € per person.

For seminar participants with handicaps, we offer on-site personal assistance for their special needs.

Detailed seminar description for the respective dates: