Our focus is to remind people of who they really are and through connecting with their Higher Self, to support them to raise their vibration and open themselves to the conscious guidance of their Higher Self.

Through Gabriela’s mediumistic connection to the dimensions of angels and spiritual guides since the year 2000, we are constantly receiving current messages, explanations and suggestions on how we can go through this transformation process easily, quickly and directly.

In the summer of 2001 Friedrich received his cosmic initiation for the transmission of light vibrations and initiations from the spiritual world.

A few months later the vibrational mantra PO TA MI was given and explained to us.

In our seminars, meditations, channelings and energetic treatments we open the field of all-encompassing love and transmit the light vibrations and messages of the various spiritual leaders.
They convey the meaning of the New Energy, explain connections, new perspectives and ways of how to shape and live your life from the heart.

We have been walking our development path together since 2000 and can say that so much has happened and changed for us during this time.

If you too are ready for change, then start to open yourself to your light and the love that you are and consciously radiate it into your world!