Just as we humans also have objects and houses a “memory”. Often unpleasant events have taken place in a house, in an apartment as a dark energy in the walls and deteriorate the living climate. In extreme cases such “memories” can create anxiety states and strong inner unrest or make a property immeasurable.

It also happens that deceased cannot let go or have not been let go and are still present and partly perceptible in a house, in an apartment.

Through my medial access it is possible for me to clarify and remove these energies and create an energetically comfortable living environment.

In order to exclude water bodies and geomantic fault zones as polluters, I also carry out a brief check of the sleeping places during an energetic house cleaning.

An energetic house cleaning helps:

• neutralize foreign and / or negative energies in the living area
• to improve the living climate
• unexplained conditions, such as the feeling of being watched, anxiety, discomfort, etc. to be solved
• End “Ghosts” in the living area
• “energetically blocked” real estate to make available

My offer also applies to companies, offices and business premises.

Prices: Objects up to 100 m²: € 190, – objects over 100 m²: + € 1, – / m² Object size